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Daily Archives: September 24, 2010

Hey guys it’s me at Sammwak where you’ll be fooled by my cool.

Now anyways, as you can see, a new Fred music vid has been released!!! U guys know my series of  MUSIC VIDS!!! Well, here is a new addition to my Fred videos following “Don’t Forget to Brush”. Now this one came out, like, 4 days ago, and it’s called “Who’s Ready to Party?” So I guess it’s about, I dunno, partying? :/

But if you like Fred, parties, and stuff that’s O.F.F. T.H.E. H.O.O.K., may a delicately perfected combination of these be lying upon your eyes.

Now anyways, check out the video, then answer the secret poll which will be at the bottom of the post. Now, before we continue, I’ll let you know that Lucas turned SEVENTEEN last month! I am not kidding, on August 29, that’s when it happened. So, let’s all wish Lucas a happy belated birthday by commenting, viewing, and/or subscribing. Thx for all ur support :D

Now, anyways, I believe that’s all for this post. Sorry it took so short. :(

Now thx for reading another episode of the TV show of Sammwak. (I don’t rly have a tv show :D) Please like it, and if you want to, subscribe so that you may get access to new posts via email notifications n all that other coolio stuff.

But now…it’s serious time.

Time for that secret poll I was talking about. Here it is:

So that’s all for now. Buh bye :)

This has been Sammwak. Signing out.


That’s right. I’m holding a contest for all y’alls for commenter questions! All u have to do is:

1. Either comment or email me, involving a commenter question within your email/comment. All you have to do is type ‘I am signing into the Commenter Question Contest.’, then put your question.

2. At the end of the week, I’ll post a really special Commenter Question Contest post that involves all of your questions, and then I pick one which is the most creative and/or interesting comment/email.

So comment or email me, and you could end up being the lucky winner on my special post! Also, we’re playing for some small affairs, eh? So:

The grand prize winner (aka the guy who gets picked) wins a link to their email!

But wait for it…Here it comes…

They shall see an email sent from yours truly (ME!!!!)!

And also, they will get a link to…well, I guess, you will just have to win and find out.

The second and third prize winners still get an email, but they don’t get the link, however sorry, but that is how it goes :(

Honorable mentions (aka the people below 2nd and 3rd) will receive a prize that is TBA (to be announced).


So, here is my email (please do not spam):

So email me your commenter questions, and ur commenter question could end up on my special post, and u will get a HUGE prize!

So, there rly is no commenter question today, because all of u have to make some! So when u r done, leave them in the comments section above. Or at my email at Gmail.

So thx for watching the next post in Sammwak…where it’s so cool, u will be fooled.


This has been Sammwak signing out :D


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