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Now anyways, as of the title, u may be stupefied to read that Homer Simpson sings Chumbawamba’s “Tubthumping” (haven’t seen the MV? Click here!

But apparently it’s true.I don’t know what episode this is (u think I watch Simpsons? :/) But it’s hilarious, and steveo1861 gave it a boost on Youtube with more than 50, 000 views. It’s not a lot, but this needs to be everywhere. Even if it lasts eleven seconds, it should still be on your grandpa’s iPod, like:

You: Hey, Grandpa. What u listenin 2?

Ur grandpa: I’m listenin to Homer Simpson sing “Tubthumping”, grandson. You should…BLAST IT! Done already! Curse you, Simpsons! CURSE YOU IN THE BLASTED FURNACES OF JUPITER!!!

You: ….Ohhhh…kay.

But never in my life have I seen a song from the 90s rocket into this much popularity, and even get its own eleven seconds in heaven on The Simpsons. But it’s pretty coolio, and mark my words, it should still make it on the new game coming out…Rock Band: You in Eleven Seconds.

So here’s the video:

And if u rly care about some Youtubers, check out steveo1861. Becuz he rly deserves the honoring of the video I have for you guys.

So that’s all 4 now.

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