Hey guys it’s Sam and this is the first-evar RATE IT post! Now, as from the previous post…

U could see that I got a Xbox 360 Slim, and that Skate 2 was my only game to play on it (rly fun game btw :D) Well, now it’s time to make some critical reception…from U guys! U are the game critics, and it’s time to vote and see if Skate 2 is a fail, so-so, or win. Now, I can’t rly put up videos, cuz I still can’t go on Youtube 😡 But now (NOW I SAY) it’s time to vote.

Here is the cover to Skate 2:

And here’s the poll to vote:

Also, u can comment/email me your final critical decisions, using my address (no spammers allowed), smwakasisi@gmail.com

So that’s all for this Rate-It. Thx for reading, please give it some thumbs up (d^_^b) by liking it, and subscribe.

Thx for participating in today’s Rate-It…where U are the real critic.

Sammwak, signing out 😀