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Now, before I start discussing today’s vid game, I have to tell you something important. It’s that u kno when I started this whole thing in April? Well, it’s almost the end of September now, and so from April to September that is…5 months apart. It has been 5 months ever since I made my blog. Now yearly, I’ll be celebrating my blog’s anniversaries. So just keep your fingers crossed for my blog’s first anniversary.

Now anyways, as you can see of the title, it says that today’s game is, yes, Final Fantasy XIV. Oh u don’t kno what the “XIV” mean? Oh, that’s just fourteen in Roman numerals, so it’s basically Final Fantasy 14. Now, not only the standard version has been released (Sept. 30), but also the collector’s edition (Sept. 21), which is more expensive in the 1st place. The PS3 version hits stores March 2011, however. Now, u guys should know Final Fantasy, right? And if u don’t…what? U think I actually play that shiz?

Now, according to Wikipedia…”The battle and job systems will be different from the one previously used in Final Fantasy XI, which utilized experience points and level-based progression Final Fantasy XIV is being designed to utilize a skill-based progression system similar to that of Final Fantasy II.

Now, I barely even know this game, let alone Final Fantasy, or II, or III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, or XIII. So what would make u think I know about XIV? Now, the game’s just another one of those MMORPGs (Massively multiplayer online role playing game). So far there r 5 races in the game, like from XI:







Now I barely know a thang about Final Fantasy XIV, let alone Final Fantasy, the series. But I do know one thang about it…and that’s the cover. Here t’is:

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So that’s all for this VID GAMES post. Turning off in 3…2…1…