Hey guys it’s Sam and I am BACK IN BUSINESS, BABY! The reason I was gone for so long because our old computer got replaced with new computers, and their Internet is a little rusty. Also, I would like u to meet my new “partner”: I. Luv Emoticons. For short, you can call him “Emoticon”, or even “Emoti”. Isn’t that right, Emoti?

d^_^b = “That is right, Samuel.”

Now, as you can see…Sonic 4 has FINALLY released (it released like a week ago), and we already have the trial on our 360! Aren’t we excited to tell everybody, Emoti?

d^_^b = “Yes, we are very excited, Samuel.”

Now, you know that Sonic has been alive and running ever since 1991.

But now…he’s changed. Ever since 1991, he’s changed a bit. He’s actually to the point where he’s speaking actual English, and so is Tails, and Dr. Eggman. Sonic has had a history of running around, such as Sonic Adventure, Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing, and even Sonic Unleashed. But in 2010…

Our hero will rise.

This takes place shortly after Sonic and Knuckles

…which was basically the expansion pack for both Sonic 2 and 3.

Now, basically, this game depicts when Sonic destroys Dr. Eggman’s space station (Death Egg). Angel Island is returned to the skies and Sonic decides to take a break from action and chill with Tails and Knuckles. Then, he sets off to explore new territories, but Dr. Eggman has survived the two’s last encounter. Sonic must travel through numerous zones in order to defeat Dr. Eggman, and his “very best” robotic creations…


Now according to critical reception, the game has scored mixed-positive reviews. Check em out:

IGN: (Console version) 8.0 and Editor’s Choice Award, (iOS version) 7.5

“Short but sweet and well worth downloading”

GamesRadar: 9/10

“Deserving of the name, Sonic the Hedgehog 4.”

1Up: B rank

GameTrailers: 7.5

“A worthy investment for Sonic fans”

But however, some thumbs were turned down instead of up.

GameSpot: 6.5

“Criticizing some bad level design and dull bosses”

Joystiq: 2.5/5

“An unsatisfying mishmash of remake and homage”

Wired: 4/10

“A nail in the franchise’s coffin”

Strategy Informer: 4/10

“An utter mess of a game that feels sluggish, broken, and lazy”


But to me, I’ll at least give this game a 7.1 for now…great. Vote for yourself below:

This has been Sammwak and Emoti (d^_^b) in a VID GAMES post.

Also, before Internet jogged up, I’ve been saving these reviews on OneNote. I’ll be posting them on Sammwak in the future, so keep an eye or two peeled!

– Sam, and Emoti

p.s. Here iz a screenshot of the game, and concept art of the Badnik Motobug:


Gimme some thumbs! d^_^b