Hey guys it’s Sam and I like watching Flash cartoons. But NEVER in my life have I seen a Flash cartoon like Happy Tree Friends.

Just from taking a look at the title card, you may imagine Happy Tree Friends to be a nice, kid-friendly Flash cartoon that would score around a TV-Y up to TV-Y7. YOU ARE WRONG. This cartoon is Saw, animated.

I’m not yanking your leg around here. That thing is not black comedy; that is what we call Friday the 13th without Jason. I saw that a WHILE ago, when my friend Enoch Kigwila (ee-nok kee-gwee-luh) even introduced it to me. That show would rather hit a direct TV-MA with a capital V for violence on Adult Swim, rather than a kid-appropriate TV-Y7 that could make it somewhat on Nick. That thing…ugh…that thing.

Well, I won’t be showing you any pictures, because they’re too gory. But if you’re brave enough to see red, search up ‘happy tree friends’ on Google Images, and let the screaming begin. Because I told you, this cartoon is animated Saw.

So, if you’ve got a history of seeing horror films, and you’re brave enough to get over such grisly and gruesome features, well, search it up on YouTube. And let the bloodbath begin.

Also, they actually made a VIDEO GAME out of this.

What? U think I’d play some stuff like that?

But, if you see this series, your brain will be racked with terrifying nightmares from this day on. You have been warned, dude. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED…

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