Mirror’s Edge review

Sam at Sammwak has arrived.

It’s time for my second video game review, and this it’s not associated with Sega. It’s associated more with Electronic Arts (or EA, for short) because this game is on the edge. The edge between the gloss and the reality, aka the “Mirror’s Edge”.

That’s right. Today’s game is Mirror’s Edge, an open-world action-adventure game that is considered teen-friendly. You play the “runner” Faith, who exists on the Mirror’s Edge. The things you’ll have to deal with is pretty harum-scarum, such as hanging from buildings, jumping from building to building, etc. Also, you’ll learn some sweet moves, like the high and low punches and kicks, as well as slide kicks and disarms. At first, there’s some intro, which tells the main history of Faith and how she is a “runner”, and that runners exist on the Mirror’s Edge. You will be trained through another runner, Celeste, who will be your “sparring partner” for fighting.

What makes this game fun:

BIG ACTION! Hello, this is ACTION-adventure. You’ll learn punches, kicks, frontal disarms, and more. But action may at least be a giant help for you. I died a few times trying to disarm some officers, cross my heart.

SWELL GAMEPLAY! I mean come on EA really puts out Mirror’s Edge as best as they can in gameplay. But come on, if there’s nothing nice to say about it, don’t say no nothing at all.

I guess it’s onto the G&B:


Fun gameplay…cool visuals…fun features…swell fighting.


Kind of boring, just jumping everywhere.

So a final consensus shall arise:

Mirror’s Edge may seem enjoyable at first, but after hours of fighting and jumping from buildings, its boredom may have a chance to kick in.

And a final score: 76%…It’s better.

Thoughts of your own? Let the poll do the talking:

So I guess that’s all. Pre-order your copy of Mirror’s Edge…if you want 2.

– Sam