Hey guys it’s Sam and guess what? Do you know Cheezburger.com? U kno, the land of Lolcats and Loldogs? (If ur confused, click here!)

Well, guess what? I’m starting to like another meme of that particular Cheezburger family….of the Fail Blog siblings. It’s called Oddly Specific, and it’s basically a compilation of MESSED-UP signs. Here is an example:

Oh this route goes…SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW!!!

This messed-up compilation of messed-up signs are not only messed-up. They’re…ODDLY SPECIFIC.

For each meme Cheezburger.com holds is proudly an Internet phenomena by themselves, are they not?

I’ve favorited a heck of a lot of Oddly Specific signs, and I even have one of them as my Pic of the Week at my sidebar. And speaking of Pics of the Week, I’ve started a new somethin-somethin. It’s called “Pic of the Week”, obviously. It’s when I find a funny picture on Cheezburger.com enough to make me not only l0l, but r0fl. I’ll put it up as my Pic of the Week for the week, and then I will change it to an even funnier pic. And then so on it goes, the pics getting so funny you’ll JIZZ IN YOUR PANTS!

So I guess that’s all for now.

L8trs. Sam.

p.s. Check out Cheezburger.com for more funny guaranteed to make you r0fl, or even jizz in your pants!


And check out Oddly Specific for more signs that are “doin it wrong!”


Pretty soon, you’ll be jizzing in your pants at memes like My Food Looks Funny… (The meme of funny food photos.)


…There I Fixed It… (The meme of epic kludges and jury rigs.)

And even Poorly Dressed! (The meme of seriously questionable style moments.)

And many more memes licensed to make people lmao!

– Sam