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Now, you know my last review, the Skate 2 one. Well, today it’s another open-world skateboarding game, YES…it’s the demo to Skate 3!

Now, I thought this game was kind of dull and meaningless when I first saw it. But then after I heard about its features, such as logo and crew creation, I got all psyched about it.

WTH makes this demo fun?:

CREATE-A-CREW! Sometimes skating alone just doesn’t feel right. Maybe a skater or three can skate with you…that’s why crews were created. Dance crews dance together…well skate crews obviously skate together. You can even create a sick new logo for your crew, and maybe (like Cuz) your logo can be featured as stickers all over San Vanelona! 😀

B-E-T-T-E-R! Skate 2 escorted you as far as the grounds. Skate 3 will escort you farther with BETTER tricks, BETTER challenges, and BETTER sick skating! I mean, I haven’t caught a glimpse of skate. (yet?), but Skate 3 features some sick tricks which were never seen in Skate 2, such as dark catches and darkslides.

HALL OF MEAT! Nobody’s perfect, and skaters have that lesson totally learned. That’s why Thrasher Hall of Meat was made. And in Skate 3, it just gets better and better. Same thing’s same, bails can be triggered using the pressing of (in accordance of a 360) both triggers and thumb sticks. And you can still do Spread Eagles, Cannonballs, and Judo Kicks like you were always made to do. But it comes with a twist. If you damage anything, it will be shown by your skeleton as you land. Here’s the difference if you did or didn’t hurt it:

YOU HURT IT – It’s red.

YOU DIDN’T HURT IT – It’s still white, like an ordinary bone.

So, if you hit your head, you’ll probably have a red skull. If you land on your butt (believe me it’s possible), you’ll probably have a red pelvis awaiting. But if you literally belly flop your landing, you’ll probably get red ribs, and I do not mean BBQ ribs smothered in ketchup (which I would enjoy in the future).

COACH FRANK! – Coach Frank has his own skate school, built and controlled by him, Coach Frank. I’m just saying, but he is the most nonchalant person I have ever met. If you didn’t notice,  Jason Lee (My Name Is Earl, anyone?) voices him. Here are a few of his quotes:

“Hey you. G-get over here!”


“And if you don’t, I’m gonna BREAK YOUR BOARD! Coach Frank.”

He’s the one that basically teaches you skating, and you can decide whether you want to be taught or not. And believe me, all those 20 minutes of skate time you ought to receive really do mean something. And if it don’t, then that’s just dumb.

So G&B time:


Access to creating crews and logos…Better features… Cool, gnarly new tricks….Coach Frank!…HALL OF MEAT!



And a final consensus: Skate 3 fairly succeeds with brand-new features that have a chance of rising to the top.

With a score of 8.9% (It’s even better), this has been a Sammwak Vid Game Review. Vote for yourself below: