Hey guys it’s Sam at Sammwak, where the fools are cool.

Now, I’m writing my fourth review, and yes it is related to Sonic.

Now the first one is a demo review, which means I only have the demo for the game on my 360 with no experience of the full version whatsoever…okay maybe some experience.

But anyways today’s demo game is…Sonic Unleashed, a fun action-adventure kid-friendly video game adding to the Sonic franchise. It depicts Sonic trying to fix the world after his worst enemy Dr. Eggman, cuts it into pieces, and our hedgehog hero also has to face his nighttime alter-ego, Sonic the Werehog.

Now what makes this demo fun:

CRAZIEST. GAME. EVER. Sonic is doing homing attacks here and there, and then runs up and over looped ground, and then those lines which you ride on, it makes a loop once, and then makes some sort of helix before this.

RUNNING FAST. Sonic is not Sonic without sonic super speed. He can smash chairs, boxes, and robots, and not even care. I’m telling you, Sonic the Hedgehog must be sonic super fast, and he has been since 1991. And if no one came up with the whole “Sonic” concept, this hedgehog would only be…The Hedgehog.

This game is fun, but can also have a sense of boredom shortly after. Think of it as dangling 12 stories from the ground. All you can hang onto is a rope, being gripped by who we call “boredom”. Soon after, you’re getting rope burn (this is the sense of boring that is coming). You want to let go so bad, but you will then fall 12 stories to the ground. Your rope burn is worsening, and pretty soon you’re plummeting feet to the ground wondering why boredom ever let you down.

This demo’s boredom is not as bad as rope burn, nor dangling 12 stories to the ground. But it may compare roughly with being bitten by a shark, let alone eaten by one.

But anyways, onto the Good and Bad, or G&B for short. These are the pros and the cons of a reviewed game.


I guess it’s fun…enjoyable…pretty epic gameplay, I guess. Oh, and those cool homing attacks! I guess thumbs-up to cool visuals too I guess.


Kind of dull and boring after a while.

And my final consensus (aka the few summarizing words of the reviewed game): Sonic Unleashed may give its all in this game, but also seems to have a few low-reflex meanings of its own.

And its final score:  6.2%…It’s good. Different thoughts? Use the poll, kid:

Just keep your eyes peeled for a next game review, demo or not!