When I get older, I will be stronger, they’ll call me freedom, just like a waving flag…

Recognize that tune? It’s the anthem to the 2010 FIFA World Cup, “Wavin’ Flag” by Somali-Canadian singer K’naan. I already posted up a World Cup post right when it began, smack on June 11. But we all know that the man of the match, AndrĂ©s Iniesta, scored Spain’s winning goal. But now since the trees are shedding in autumn, everyone’s “gotten over” the World Cup, and now everybody’s returning to their usual errands.

But to Spanish Internet-surfers, especially Iniesta (if Spain has Internet), this may get you jogged up from the World Cup. It’s a video game review, but featuring the 2010 World Cup’s companion video game, which was released in April…2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa.

Now, since we have a 360, we’re “renting” this game for the week from the Portage District Library (link to their site will be below) because some buds are coming tomorrow, and we thought they’ll dig a sports game. And I have a few GOOD reasons how this game is fun:

GROUNDBREAKING GRAPHICS! – My brother says that this game included FIFA 11‘s engine, which runs the graphics/visuals. He may/may not be right. But the visuals are so good, from a distance, it looks as if the real World Cup is going on. From a close-up look, it still looks like the ordinary graphics from FIFA 11 or 10.

And believe me, good graphics is only the first step in a successful game, sports or not. But srsly. A game may have epic gameplay, and good partnership, but the most junky graphics. I mean seriously, it looks more like a pixelated heap of nothingness for visualization.

GOOD DETAIL! I never knew EA Sports was so detailed! I mean, while u are creating ur player, you can change such things about him that no one would notice, such as your ear protrusion, your cheekbones, heck even your nose length! Some peeps would never even notice them! A player can go off with a nose too curved to the right, or ears that stick too out or in. Good thing EA Sports caught those details red-handed, and led them back to jail, where they should easily be “noticed.”

ONLINE EXPANSION! Not getting enough World Cup fever? Sneeze and sniffle when you take your experience and ur player online for more epic sports battles! Compete against peoples, and even see if you got what it takes to overcome the online 2010 World Cup!

EPIC CELEBRATIONS! When you score a goal, don’t just stand there while the spectators roar and applaud on their feet. You have to celebrate, too! And, thanks to Coca-Cola, we have the most epic celebrations. You can do a backflip, you can do the Robot, heck, you can even do the unlockable African Dance! Because a soccer game isn’t right when the players just stand there absentminded when their teammates jump for joy.


So, the G&B:


The most jaw-dropping visuals…Good online expansion…wonderful detail.


Come on you stupid ball, go into the net!


Final consensus: The World Cup companion rises to as much success as the championship, with those groundbreaking visuals, swell online expansions, and jaw-dropping detail that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

With a final score of 9.6 (superb), this has been a Sammwak vid game review.

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– Sam

p.s. Here’s the link to the Portage District Library’s site: