Hey guys it’s Sam and guess what? U remember Happy Tree Friends, that little bloodbath Flash cartoon? Well, I may have something that will act as a companion to this, except not with “happy tree friendly” victims, but fairytale victims…Fairytale Fights.

That’s right. Fairytale Fights.

Battle with the most folkloric characters, from Little Red Riding Hood to Snow White to Jack the Giant-killer.


Volumetric Liquid System – Blood will splatter the lush surroundings when the player slices the enemies in a frenzied attack. They can also melt their enemies by sliding across the blood and using an Acid Potion.

Dynamic Slicing Technology/Salami Violence – Players have full control over how to slice and dice enemies, and when to.

Based on Unreal Engine 3 – Fairytale Fights is simply based on Unreal Engine 3.

Multiplayer – Players can fight with friends or foes both on and offline using drop-in-drop-out gameplay like Guitar Hero 5.

Huge Arsenal of Weapons – Featuring over 140 weapons, players are able to eliminate enemies via slicing, dicing, burning, freezing, etc.

Multiple Difficulties – Fairytale Fights features three difficulty levels.

RECEPTION (or ‘What critics thought of it’)

Fairytale Fights mainly scored poor reviews, like a 51% score at Metacritic for the 360 format. Whatsoever, some reviews were approval, such as the U.K.’s Game Master magazine, dubbing the game “a likeable, if slight, slice of gory Brothers Grimm gaming.” However, usual sources were more scathing. According to IT Reviews, “the dodgy controls combined with some awkward camera viewpoints, plus the overly repetitive levels, slowly sap much of the joy from the experience.” GameSpot also turned down on the game, giving it a 3.0 “bad” score, criticizing the game for its lack of pacing, lousy boss fights and “shallow, repetitive combat.”


Glitches were experienced in the 360 version (several achievements being unobtainable and multiplayer being badly affected), leading to less approving reviews before the much delayed was eventually published.


I don’t kno if we’ll get the game. All we have are a few trailers that we downloaded.

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L8trs, for I am too exhausted to say more.