It’s coming…it’s coming…it’s coming…Gears of War 3 is coming!

That’s right. Hey guys it’s Sam. And guess wut? Gears of War 3 is coming!

Now you should know I OBVIOUSLY don’t play Gears of War, nor have I had any experience of it whatsoever. But still, it’s an upcoming video game, and I just wanted to hand over that heads-up for any Gears of War fans.


Now, the game has four-player co-op, and introduces three female characters: Samantha Byrne, Anya Stroud, and Bernadette Mataki. Also, Jace Stratton, battle-hardened soldier, is introduced, but had also been mentioned in the predecessor, aka Gears of War 2.

Gears of War 3 will include new weapons, like double-barreled shotguns, and Pendulum War Era Lancers (whatever THEY are). Epic has revealed other confirmed weapons like Incendiary Grenades, and the new heavy Digger Launchers, that fires explosive piranha creatures that dig through the ground at a high speed. Good luck dodging those piranhas, gidget.

A “Mech” suit that is fully controllable can be used at certain parts of the game, armed with a machine gun and rocket launcher. It has two operating modes, in assault mode it’s controlled and generated like a standard character, but in stationary mode, it locks into position and deploys its armor, as well as cover for other gears from its legs.

Hip-hop stars Drake and Ice-T will be voice actors for Stratton and Griffin. Claudia Black will voice Sam Byrne.

You can also swap weapons with squadmates and knock over bad guys while going over cover. You can kick Lambents away after you killed them with a chainsaw/bayonet, with new executions.

There’s also a new multiplayer mode called Beast mode, which I’m so exhausted to type in, I’ll just put it like this:

Gears of War 3 will include a new mode called Beast mode. It is the opposite of Horde Mode in Gears of War 2, the player instead attacks COG members as Locust. Tokens are earned for killing enemies, allowing the player to upgrade their character to a stronger class of Locust. Horde Mode will also reappear in the third installment. Original multiplayer modes are back in Gears of War 3, but with a twist. In Team Deathmatch, a game similar to Warzone, every team has 20 lives a round and when the lives run out it turns into a regular Warzone match. Capture the Leader is a combination of Guardian and Submission, and the leader will have to be captured and held them for 30 seconds. But, the leader will still be able to struggle and knock his captor around. The struggling causes minor damage and can turn a match around.

Also, players can earn awards based their gameplay and can unlock character variants, and it has been revealed that there will be many choices to choose from, including a Thrashball version of Cole. New executions weapon skins, and “mutators”, can also be unlocked. The level up system has been improved and expanded upon from Gears of War 2. Along with this, Epic has announced that they will be providing dedicated servers to prevent the issues that Gears of War 2 had with multiplayer. A multiplayer beta code will be given with every new copy of Epic Games February release Bulletstorm.


And a synopsis:

“Eighteen months after the fall of Jacinto, the Gears have moved to the island of Vectes and are living aboard a converted aircraft carrier called the Raven’s Nest. The government disbanded and the imulsion that powered Sera’s cities has infected and mutated members of the Locust, causing them to become Lambent. The Lambent are evolving into a new enemy that threatens both the Locust and humanity. The Stranded also live on the island along with other survivors from E-Day.”


Just keep ur fingers crossed to any Gears of War fanboys and fangirls, and if you are a fanboy/girl with a 360, start bugging your parents to save up to buy the game NOW!

Gears of War 3 will conclude the Gears of the War trilogy, respectively. It was originally to release in April 2011, but was pushed down to November 2011. So keep your eyes peeled, cuz Gears of War 3 is just around that corner.


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