Hey guys it’s Sam and this is yet another Sammwak Vid Game Review…for Mini Ninjas!

Now, we have the demo to this game, have already rented this game (from the PDL for the week), and Chris even has it on his computer. Now anyways, I have some good reasons why this game is fun (check out mah new emblems):

Family-Friendly Fun: Some games are safe for kids, but too kid-friendly that adults can’t enjoy it. Family-Friendly Fun games are games that the whole family can be satisfied with. But if you find your grandma huddling around the TV at 3:00 in the morning getting her game on, try to understand ‘kay?

Good for Kids: Not every game in the world is aimed for kids from brutal bloodbaths to hardcore shooters, but some games are more kid-friendly than possible. Now, I ain’t a kid, but by giving this emblem, I think that it’ll have a good shot square at kids…but not the shooter kind.

Good Start: There are games that, at the end, we barely want a sequel for. But others leave us begging for more. This emblem only goes to those who are begged at for bigger and brighter things in the future.

Great Soundtrack: Great soundtrack music/original score strikes the balance between quiet things that pump up when the action kicks off. Music is in charge of making the player feel happy, sad, frightened, mad, etc. And the music that rises to the top in its job receives this special emblem.

Just Right: Not too difficult that you want to tear your hair out, but not too easy that it feels like playing an Early Childhood (EC) game, but Just Right games put up the fight without being unfair or cheap.

Outstanding Visuals: Like a world-famous painting, Outstanding Visuals are the canvas to the game’s every single bit of the artistic graphical design that its engine truly runs.

Undeniable Charm: Some games just persuade you to clutch the game by its cheek and squeeze it silly. But obviously, a game doesn’t have cheeks. But don’t fret: undeniably charming games with Undeniable Charm make it more enticing with this snazzy emblem.


Pretty cool emblems, huh? But this is all true, even the undeniable charm. But some games just go downhill without these emblems. Good job. And speaking of good, G&B time:


  • Great art style creates a vibrant, cohesive world
  • Level designs encourage exploration
  • A ton of combat options
  • Excellent music.


  • Fighting gets a bit tiresome toward the end
  • Uncooperative camera.


And so a final consensus arises: Big or small, you’ll have a blast playing the lengthy, groundbreaking, charming journey of these gallant, heroic Mini Ninjas.

With a final score of 8.5 (even better), this haz been a Sammwak Vid Game Review.

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– Sam