Hooray hooray for it is a special day! It isn’t Halloween (8 days away), or Diffendoofer Day…

It’s Red Ribbon Week!

If you don’t kno what Red Ribbon Week is, it’s basically a week to say no to drugs and alcohol. So it’s basically Say No to Drugs and Alcohol Week.

Starting Monday, Haverhill Elementary (the school I go to) is saying NO to drugs and alcohol. This “controversy” continues on for the whole week. Here’s what we’ll be doing to say no:

Monday, October 25 – We all wear red.

Wednesday, October 27 – We all wear sweatpants, because saying no to drugs is “no sweat.” (Hyuk hyuk hyuk)

Friday, October 29 (Halloween parade): Wear orange and black, because we’re saying “boo” to drugs.


But are you proud to be drug-free? If you’re a smoker, then boo you. Because don’t blame me when your lungs are polluted. But if you can actually vow to do all this, you’ll receive a special special prize.

Wear red on Monday, sweatpants on Wed., and orange and black on Friday!

L8trs in the name of the planet. Sam

p.s. If you want to know where I found that Miley Cyrus “hyuk hyuk” image, go to derp.cheezburger.com. There’s a lot of derp awaiting…