Hey guyz it’s Sam and guess wut? It’s my (by far) BELATED birthday! Well, actually, it was Tumpale’s 16th legitimate birthday, but I got some gifts as well.

It was just at our church (St. Michael Lutheran) at a thanksgiving service. We had eaten, I tried on my new converses…

But I realized what we were practically here for….Tumpale’s b-day! Her first birthday gift was embarrassing…it was BIKINIS. That’s right. A whole pack of bikinis. Embarrassing, right? My first gift was AS embarrassing…a 10-count package of boxer briefs.

Thx Dad. Rly. Thx. xD

But after that, these presents starting going uphill. To my surprise, shock, and pure jealousy, Tumpale’s first “GOOD” gift was…an iPod TOUCH!!!

So so jealous. 😡

But MY good gift was so unbelievable, I screamed for joy. It was better than even the most epic pair of converses. It’s better than hi-top heels…

…it was Super Street Fighter IV and Skate 3 for my 360!!!

Man, Auntie Violet really DOES know my taste in gaming, does she not? 😀

So, Tumpale, have fun with your iPod Touch, and I’m going to have fun with my video games soon.

L8trs, Sam