Hey guys it’s me Sam.

Do u know Youtube? (Obviously u should) If u don’t, then zomg. Just go to youtube.com and let the fun begin. But if you do, go there and search up ‘onebyonetv’. Because the loud and proud founders of this channel are me (co-founder) and my big brother Chris (founder).

What we post videos about are basically things related to Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV. We can easily monitor SF4 videos because Chris has the game on his laptop (yes, SF4 is for Windows). But monitoring SSF4 videos…we’re still “working” on that. The most recent SSF4 videos came from the support of the PS3 of Brian Pouw (as in POW!).

Lately, from my last check, we have 1.9 million total upload views, and like [more than] 500 [but less than 600] subscribers. So, you should check out our channel. We have these little segments called concept ultras (where we swap one person with another with the ultra), tag team ultras (where two people take down one opponent), and even (the most recent) dream team ultras (where two Youtubers take down an opponent, such as Justin Wong or FREE1UP). I have to say it’s pretty epic. We haven’t been there in a long time, but luckily our “We’re back” trailer is coming soon! So keep your fingers crossed, and I’m keeping mine crossed, because Chris won’t let me sneak a peek at his work till it’s done.

If you’re a Youtuber, you can subscribe/comment to OneByOneTV, not only just my blog Sammwak. So check it out, give it some thumbs!

– Sam