Hey guys it’s Sam and guess what? A very special event has happened. Here’s a hint: BTR. No, it’s not an acronym for Biceps Tendon Reflex or Blood and Tissue Registration System (good guess though). I’ll give you one more minute to guess…

IT’S BIG TIME RUSH, SILLY! That’s right. Big Time Rush’s first album, B.T.R., has released.

This album features singles already seen on the TV show, such as “Big Time Rush”, “City Is Ours”, “Halfway There”, and “Til I Forget About You”. It released October 11, which was 20 days ago (it being the 31st) which is literally 3 weeks ago. But the track listing was announced even EARLIER, at Sept. 1.


Chart performance

B.T.R. was a major charting success; it peaked at #5 on “Top Internet Albums” and rose to #1 on “Top Soundtracks”. Also, it scored #3 on the U.S. Billboard 200, and #1 on U.S. iTunes. That’s some music, for 41 min. and 5 sec.!


Check out Big Time Rush’s first-ever album before it’s sold out!

– Sam