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Hey guys it’s Sam, and I have a confession to make. Yeah, it’s a secret. Not a top-secret secret. A secret. A secret that I don’t really care that’s exposed to the open. But if you tease me it’s the final straw. Here’s the secret…I read The New Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley. What? They’re good books, and usually last 80-something pages. So they’re not too hard to read in a day. I just finished 2 books (The Slam-Dunk Mystery, and The Rock Star’s Secret), and I’m working on The Case of the Wild Wolf Lake or something like that. These two meddling twin sleuths dub themselves “the Trenchcoat Twins”, who solve any crime by dinnertime. How adorable….

These are by a lady named Judy Katschke, and she writes pretty good in here. Also, these don’t have pictures, and some books you may read (especially picture books to the younger ones) may do have pictures. These don’t. Here are some titles I’ve read:

One I especially have longed to read is The Case of the Hollywood Who-Done-It. Just by glimpsing at the covers of some books, I instantly want to read them. That’s what happened with me and this book. I have wanted to read it since I first got introduced to it, let alone The New Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley alone. These are good books, and there is at least half a shelf full of these books at the Portage District Library, or maybe even more. They’re in the back of the Juvenile Room (no, not prison), at the Paperback Collection (along with titles like Chillers and Goosebumps), because the first two words of “Katschke” are KA, and the K-Z’s, about, get in the Paperback Collection. My thoughtful estimate. So today, maybe tomorrow, get to the Portage District Library and check out at least one of these books. Well, you don’t have to, like it’s a requirement that you mustn’t neglect. Boys can dwell off, while excited girls with flee to the PDL. But if you’re a girly dude…

There’s literally magic in every page that hooks me in like Scorpion’s spear…GET OVER HERE!

So, GET OVER to the PDL and get a Mary Kate & Ashley book.

– Sam


Hey guys it’s Sam with another Game n Vote! Sorry I haven’t had one in so long, but new series were popping up here and there. Anyways, this game is basically Mirror’s Edge. No it isn’t REALLY Mirror’s Edge, but it’s a pretty, PRETTY good descendant. It’s like that game but with 2-D features. That’s right…it’s Mirror’s Edge 2D!

You’re probably wondering…”How is this possible?” It is possible, thanks to the well-done development of Brad Borne, yes, the loud-and-proud creator of the Fancy Pants Adventures.

But we’re not here to talk about fancy pants. We’re here to talk about Mirror’s Edge 2D.  It is the same as the 3-D console game, with the same skilled running and parkour. Speaking of parkour, you gotta use to collect all of the icons in the course, and pick up some bags and evidence on the way. Happy parkour-ing!

Here’s the link to the game: http://www.mirrorsedge2d.com/

Don’t come back until you got to the end. (Trust me, the game is freaking short.)


So you got a touch of the game all the way to the end. Time to vote in our here poll:

This has been a Game n Vote episode, and please subscribe and like my posts. Also, comment/email me links to games you like and want me to put on my blog, and you could be responsible for the next Game n Vote!

L8trs, Sam

Hey guys it’s Sam, and if you’re a big fan of Tony Hawk games, this is the post for you. I’m not too big of a fan, but all the games I’ve played of Tony was all the Pro Skater games, Tony Hawk’s Underground, Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland (my favorite so far, I guess), Tony Hawk’s Project 8, and the demo to Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground. But now I’m really excited about the latest Tony Hawk game, and it’s a bit like Ride, even with the same snarky negative critical reception. It’s Tony Hawk: Shred.

Now, all I’ve seen is a commercial for it. And it looks epic. Rly epic. But there’s one thing that pulls me back…it’s E for everyone. Who in the devil-fish does ESRB think they are? The most epic-est video game-rating company the world ever knew? They won’t cough up why it’s E on their site, and the backs of the game I’ve seen online won’t cough it up either. You don’t even get a back when you search up ‘tony hawk shred back’. Like, WTH?

And forget the rating…there’s a new feature that made my jaw hit the floor…it introduces SNOWBOARDING. *facepalm* I…I…I am so speechless of this tomfoolery the new Robomodo-Activision team is trying to abuse our brains with. I bet that commercial only looks cool, but deep down, there’s a probability the game is the worst Activision has to offer. I mean, 1080° would’ve seemed epic-er...or at least SSX Tricky.


I’m not sure if I’m putting it on my Christmas wish-list, but I’m keeping my eyes peeled for more footage that makes the game look GOOD.

– Sam

Hey guys it’s Sam, and there’s a new post, HOORAY! My computer has Internet, and now I can post an epic new post! YAY! Starting today, I’ll put up some “pro tips” for Xbox 360 games that I may own, in or out of Xbox LIVE Arcade. And, yes, today’s pro-tip game is inside XBLA…it’s Monday Night Combat.

I know I’ve talked about it in the past, but I’ve seen that there are some strategies to become a better combatant. So it’s fun to show off fully-upgraded skills, but then you realize you have zero to not enough money to build turrets, and bots will be afoot. So bots will leave behind a few coins, and maybe some juice. Don’t just scramble to collect it, and start shooting bots again. USE YOUR MONEY! Build it on turrets you think will be a big help in the battle, especially in Crossfires or intense Blitzes. You simply can’t have more than $500 not building turrets. Some of you may have your own ways, but I am putting my foot down on it. If you have more than $1000 not building turrets…son, I am disappoint.


If you’re an Assassin (which I greatly disapprove of), grapples are more effective from the back. Surprise your unaware opponents or Black Jacks. It’s at least better killing then being killed.

If you’re a Support (thumbs up, btw), you might think about putting up a Firebase or two. Firebases could work in Crossfires, or Blitzes, even the really light ones like Exhibition and Season. Firebases are planted by pressing Y. It’s as simple as that. Just a peck of the Y button. No holding. Just a peck. Firebases are also taken out by pressing Y. So when you’re directly by a Firebase, think. Will you hack into it so it will have a better range and rate of its fires? Or will you take it out so you will plant it in a safer place that’s not bot-infested? Like in real life, THINK. Because Firebases may just save your life when you’re being pounded to a pulp by a Bouncer.

If you’re an Assault (my guy), you might think about using your grenade launcher mostly, and not just your assault rifle. Especially with Slims. A couple bullets will take out one Slim, but for me, a grenade destroys 2 in a row. Conserve your bullets. Waste your grenades. That’s the Sammwak way.


Hungry for more Pro-Tips? Comment/email me the game you want me to pro-tip, and you could be responsible for the next postful of pro-tips! Don’t know how? Select this post and scroll all the way to the bottom. There should be a Leave a Comment box waiting for you right there.

L8trs, Sam



I’m sorry, but, there’s just some epic-er bails. These come from Skate 2, which wasn’t such a good game overall. But these bails make me say “Hallelujah I don’t have to play it no more.” These bails…man, these bails…include a faceside grind, a 2-car hit combo, the beginning 2 which end in the skater literally flying up in the air for no particular reason, and some butt ___. Here’s the video, which comes from Scotlank:

Anyways, speaking of bails, the montage isn’t over. There’s a Part 2 to it, and it’s madness…no this isn’t Sparta, it’s madness.

But no…there’s a Part 3 to it, and yes, it now is Sparta.

Still not enough bails to resist? There’s a fourth part to it, and it is beyond any Sparta, Leonidas.

Still begging for more? Check out this fifth and final part to it, now including some epic tricks that make you WTFBBQ:

There, now you have more extreme bails! You still have plenty of time to comment/email me some pretty decent bails, and I’ll put them on Sammwak if they’re epic enough!

L8trs, Sam

Okay never mind about the top 10 bails. These bails are much more brutal-er. These come from saintzrow33, so give his skater a thumbs up…if he still has any!

Forget pwning n00bs. This n00b skater (no offense) gets pwned by the open-world through bails that can break tons of bones and should OBVIOUSLY not be tried at home. Dude, you could break a spine. Even if this is for the kids out there, I gotta say this…don’t try skateboarding. I mean, you could, but bailing is just one half. You could get your ribs broken. You could get a extremely bad nosejob like a punch in the nose in boxing. But let’s stick to the point…skating is so dangerous, you could pop a vein through your nose. I’m just sayin’.

Here’s the video:

The song playing during the montage is “I Am Not a Whore” by LMFAO, from the album Party Rock. Here’s the link if you want to download that song for your iTunes, or the whole album, in that matter:


But anyways, still comment/email me some of your most hardcore bails. Because there’s no such thing as a bad bail….okay, maybe there is.

But, anyways, bye. Sam

Hey guys it’s Sam and you know I have Skate 3, right? Well, guess what? I found this guy whose bails were so painful, they were laughable. The guy’s name is DDCommentaries, so check out his channel if you have access to YouTube…unlike some people…

But if you want to see the video without all the hunting, it’s right here:

Man, whatever happened to the skater? These are the most brutal bails I’ve seen, and I’ll inform you if I see brutal-er.

Also, if it’s happened, comment/email me your biggest bails, because I’m always willing to see brand-new bails. But anyways, I wish I could be on Sammwak more often. I guess I’ll just have to see what life tosses at me.

Comment/email them bails, and you’ll get a prize. So get a PS3 or Xbox 360 (or if you already have one), get this game, and rock up them bails!

L8trs, Sam