Hey guys it’s Sam, and you should remember OneByOneTV. Click here if you haven’t an idea wth OneByOneTV is.

Well, the founder of that, my big brother Chris, actually has a WordPress blog of his own. So it’s not only me who has a blog in our family. Mine is goofy, kid-oriented, and bouncy with that pizzazz that kids will enjoy. His is downright serious chiz. Children could read it, but Chris is no jokester (okay maybe 99.9% of the time). His blog is literally a guide to innovation so from the boardroom to the classroom to the bedroom, you will be wildly successful in everything you do. My blog is dedicated to…absolutely….NOTHING? What, I don’t make good decisions.

Anyways, you can check out Chris’s blog anytime, anywhere. If you’re 13 years old or older, that means a special BONUS. You can contact him on Facebook and LinkedIn. If not, you can still subscribe to him nonetheless. His latest post is his second weekly fitness update. It’s pretty fascinating, and you can lol at the same time. W00t!

Well, here’s where it all begins: http://www.chrismwakasisi.com/blog/

Read it and lol!

– Sam