Hey guys it’s Sam, and it’s time to take a little time travel. Go back 3 decades (aka 30 years) and you’re in the 80’s. Marvel at the releases of such films like The Empire Strikes Back. But now isn’t the time for tomfoolery. You must witness the heartbreaking rejection of Linda and a devastated, downhearted Robbie Hart. There was no business like show business, and The Wedding Singer proves it all.

Now, I’m not just here to talk turkey over this 90’s classic. I’m here to tell you that my sister Tumpale (tumm-pah-lee)’s school, Portage Northern High, is doing a “musical” of this film, and it’s almost here. We already had an assembly at school for the thing. I’m pretty sure I’m going, because my family’s literally forcing me to go. Tumpale’s role is Tina Turner, some American singer who I haven’t learned bout.

Anyways, I think tickets should come out before the play, like on the 9th or something. But the play starts on the 14th and ends the 21st, and takes little breaks in between. So check it out and tell me how it’s like when it’s done!

All I know are a few songs and then a few characters: some losers, a bum, a grandmother, a waitress, the wedding singer, and Tina Turner. The songs I know are “It’s Your Wedding Day”, “Someday”, “Move that Thing” (my fave), and “I Want To Grow Old With You” or something like that. I like “Move that Thing” because it’s some sort of brassy Broadway jazz rap. I should’ve mentioned I liked rap music in my previous post. And jazz…thumbs to the side.

Tell your parents. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Tell your teachers. Tell your pets. Tell your lamps. Tell your pillows. And most importantly…tell it to your grandmother.

The Wedding Singer is back in 2010.

– Sam