Hey guys it’s Sam and I’m starting yet another segment on Sammwak! It’s called iNSiDE iPhone, and it’s where I post up app reviews of apps I supposedly like and have played on Chris’s jailbroken iPhone 4. And today, I’m reviewing Angry Birds.

You should already know what Angry Birds is by now. If you don’t, then…*sigh*…it’s a game where some evil green pigs steal some birds’ eggs, and it’s up to the birds to strike back with a vengeance. They are flung through a slingshot, and have to smash their way through wood and glass (as far as I’ve been) to get to the pigs for them precious 5000 points. For each bird you DON’T have to fire when you have already killed both pigs, you receive 10,000 points.

Do u get it now?


I enjoy the game from its wacky-packed puzzle action. It seems so legitimate how the pigs are hiding beneath wood and glass, and it’s your job to break through and get the pigs. The clever pigs put up yet another match for their feathered foes, but with as many birds as required, the game always puts up a fun, feathered adventure difficult to overpass. I enjoy the birds greatly:

The red birds are simply flung, and the bird’s reliable source is its momentum.

Blue birds split into three smaller birds, and can have different targets on their pigs.

Yellow birds speed up and dash directly into targets.

Black birds explode on command or shortly before contact with an object.

White birds drop egg-shaped bombs.

Green birds, after being flung, fly back like boomerangs.

Big Brother birds are like red birds, but are bigger and cause more damage.

Despite the fact that I have only been up to blue birds for usage, it is still a fun game no matter how you slice it.



Nominated for “Best Casual Game” @ the 6th Annual International Mobile Gaming Awards at Barcelona

Top selling paid app at UK App Store of Feb. 2010

Limited version downloaded over 11 million times for iOS

Full-featured version downloaded over 7 million times of Sept. 2010

Android version downloaded more than 1 million times within first 24 hrs. of release, over 2 million downloads in 1st weekend

Final consensus: Like the critics said, Angry Birds is successful with its quirky puzzled action. (8.5%, eight and a half out of ten)

Vote for yourself:

Angry Birds is just 99 cents, so it shouldn’t be a hassle to get it. See you next time on iNSiDE iPhone, everybody. Sammwak signing out. 🙂