Hey guys it’s Sam and this is another episode of iNSiDE iPhone! Today’s app is the action-packed, heart-racing app of adrenaline…Asphalt 5.

This is another app my brother has on his iPhone, and even if I’ve played it at least 2 or 3 times, it’s pretty fun. The racing and adrenaline would be something you would see out of a real car race, and you can even wreak “urban havoc” by wrecking up stuff at the sides of the road, like signs. But here are some tips to stay into the Top 3 when you’re doing quick races:

When you’re driving, keep eyes peeled on other cars. I know a little trick to keep you going. Do NOT crash into the cars when you see the fronts, when they’re driving back. When you see a car’s back, you may crash into it.

Collect power-ups and stuff like that. Adrenaline is your ticket to taking a spot in the top three, so enough power-ups and you’ll be zooming past your foes on the road.

If you found a shortcut, and it was either taking the road or taking the shortcut, I would recommend taking the road. The last time I took a shortcut, I dropped by a few places and eventually out of the top 3. You can never trust shortcuts in Asphalt 5. For example, you now know you can never trust the Devil because he tricked Adam and Eve into eating from the tree of knowledge and good and evil, and that’s how death was created 😡

When you have to deal with an opponent, be close to the side. I’m not fibbing. It’s physically proven that it’s recommended to be close to a side when you’re dealing with a driver. Usually, when  an opponent’s being tacky and getting up in your space, be close to a wall, so that the opponent can easily drive themselves into the wall and get eliminated while you lol at them and continue racing.

Never trust this to be easy. They’re your opponents out there! They’ll do anything to get in the top 3 and thwart your chance of getting in the top 3. They are tacky-tacky, man. You will bump sides. You will crash with cars. You will get hype.

But anyways a final consensus: Even when the drivers are tacky, Asphalt 5 delivers a fresh, adrenaline-packed, head-spinning compilation of action, fun, and enjoyment. (8.0%, Eight out of ten)

Check out the game and vote for yourself here:

Asphalt 5 is only $4.99, which isn’t too cheap. If you want to be frugal and save money, you can get the free version otherwise. See you in the next episode of iNSiDE iPhone, everybody. This has been Sammwak, and we’re signing out. 🙂