Another episode of iNSiDE iPhone has arrived! Hey guys it’s Sam at Sammwak, the blog of spine-chilling, heart-racing, mouthwatering awesomeness. Now, today’s app to review is a strategically-crafted test created to put your tower defense skills to the epic test…it’s GeoDefense Swarm, or GD Swarm for short.

This is the second app Chris owns that allows OpenFeint, a social application for the iOS. (the first OpenFeint app was Fruit Ninja)

GeoDefense Swarm is, like I said, a strategically-organized tower defense game. If you don’t know what a tower defense is, it’s where you build towers to defend yourself from bad guys…foes. In this game, the towers are guns, and your foes are trying to get from the entrance to the exit and steal your health. If affordable, you must assemble a group of guns to protect yourselves from enemies. Your first will be a green circular gun that fires regular bullets; they’re worth only 5 bucks apiece. But as you progress, I think the guns get more and more expensive. Pretty soon, you’ll be destroying foes with these fancy hundred-dollar guns of yours.

What I like about this game is that it really puts your mind to the test to see if you’re really tower-defensive. The scenario also picks up the game’s pace as well, because people will be turning down on a game with a sloppy sense of scenery. GD Swarm has those “OK” elements, “OK” sceneries, and “OK” limits with OpenFeint that really deserve a thumb to the side, if you can’t decide if it’s thumb up or down.

Here are some tips:

You are unable to block your foes’ path. I know, it’s an unfair rule, but that’s the way it goes. You can’t assemble a line of guns, but then swerve and make a dead end for your foes. It’s just not right. If GD Swarm allowed dead ends, it would be stupid to block your foes from the exit. So unfair. (To both the player and the foes, I meant.)

Think before assembling. Does this gun go here? Or is it best over here, where the foes are caught off-guard? In life, there r a lot of decisions to make, especially in tower defense games. Do I upgrade this tower? Do I put in this tower? Did you think a gun would be best down in the corner where it could sneakily dispatch foes, but realized the foes would take a detour out of the gun’s path? Do you think a gun is best un-assembled? No one knows, and no opinion is the truth.

It may take more than one gun to dispatch a foe. Some foes have that health that needs more than one gun to be drained out. They can waddle in and get hit by one gun, but last until another. Some foes (according to my point of view) can even last until they reach the exit. If you want to dispatch a foe early, don’t use the green circular guns and upgrade to the big boys. Big boys equal big blasts. Big blasts equal earlier dispatches.

FINAL CONSENSUS: GD Swarm has that “okay” feature that most players can’t decide on for thumbs up or down. The strategy may be enough to at least stretch it from Mars and back. (5.0 – Five out of ten)

Use the poll if you don’t think it deserves a 5.0:

It’s available at the App Store for only $1.99, which isn’t too bad for an app price. If u want, go and get it!

– Sam