Hey guys it’s Sam and I have some ecology to tell you. It’s called the doomsday of 1995. Why? All in the hands of two creepy twins. Twins as creepy as Fred. Well…if I told u they’re names, it would be 2012….Okay, I’ll tell you. They’re THE OLSEN TWINS.

That’s right. Ever since I saw this freaky video of Mary-Kate and Ashley and a bunch of other weird kids back in the 90s rapping about pizza just this night, I was screaming my head off (okay not rly). These guys are not only Satanic, but DISGUSTING. They put stuff like meatballs, fried chicken, ice cream, caramel sauce, and raw uncooked fish (:P) in that pizza. Have these kids ever heard of losing lunches? Speaking of lunches, theirs is wasted is you put stuff like that on YOUR pizza. Does Domino’s or Little Caesars ever let you do that? I didn’t think so 😡

And yet they still dub themselves the Queens of Gourmet.

But anyways, here’s the horrifying clip of the scene:

But then to make it seem funny, one dude took the song and slowed it down:

I mean, rly. These guys are the next Saw of the cinematic barrel.

THIS FRIDAY…THE OLSEN TWINS….AND PIZZA!!! The Pizza Pie Party. Flowing into cinemas like waterfalls.


Even Emoti is horrified. No one can say no to an emoticon, right?

But anyways, I hope you enjoyed the videos. Give the makers credit and subscribe or comment them, and subscribe and comment to me as well. Thx and goodbye.

– Sam & Emoti 🙂

p.s. If this post is offensive to any Olsen fans, I sincerely apologize. But srsly that video is creepy…