Hey guys it’s Sam and a very special event is happening. No, it’s not Thanksgiving or All Saints’ Day. It involves books. What why would you guess it’s Cookie Monster’s birthday?! Absolute FAIL.

Okay, for those who are too lazy to guess more…it’s the Scholastic Book Fair.

If you haven’t heard of a book fair (:O) it’s an event where millions of kids and their parents come to hunt for books. But you’re not just picking out a book and slipping out just like that. All book fair books involve some payment. They don’t go too expensive, the highest I’ve seen is $16.99, at most. But, just to get you started, here are some of the books that will be featured at the book fair:

Bad Kitty vs. Uncle Murray: The Uproar at the Front Door: In this epic fourth installment, Bad Kitty is back and badder than ever! When Kitty’s owner leaves town and puts good ol’ Uncle Murray under all cat-sitting charges, the house is turned upside down thanks to Kitty’s havoc! Will Uncle Murray make it out the door with his skin? (by Nick Bruel, $4.99)

I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic, 1912:The debut of the brand-new thrilling series is here! 10-year old George has gotten a eyeful of the Titanic, but when he explores the first-class cabin, the ship familiarly crashes into the iceberg! Once exploring the ship itself, George must come up with a plan to go off of the ship with his life…and not down with it! (by Lauren Tarshis, $4.99)

The Clone Codes: The Cyborg Wars have passed and peace returns to planet Earth…but not for long. Now that clones are treated as bad as enslaved victims, will the horrifying pasts return? (By Patricia C., Fredrick L., and John McKissack, $4.99)

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Special Edition 2011: Following the 2010 edition, this eighth uproarious must-have installment contains the most unbelievably unreal features, and it’s all true…BELIEVE IT OR NOT! ($12.99)

School of Fear: Meet 12-year old Theodore Bartholomew, 13-year old Garrison Feldman, 12-year old Madeleine Masterson, and 12-year old Lulu Punchalower, the four most bizarre kids that walk the earth. Each hold a strange but serious fear: Theodore is thanataphobic (fearful of dying), Garrison is hydrophobic (fearful of water), Madeleine is entomophobic (fearful of bugs), and Lulu is claustrophobic (fearful of tight spaces). These four must learn that every fear has to be faced at the School of Fear…that is, if their teacher, Ms. Wellington, doesn’t scare them to death! (by Gitty Daneshvari, $5.99)

NERDS 2: M is for Mama’s Boy: The nerds are back in this sequel to NERDS! In book two, there is no danger in the world of NERDS, but will these fifth-grade spazzes be able to defeat their once-friend foe, armed with an army of squirrels? (by Michael Buckley, $5.99)


So now, do you have a good image of picking up what the book fair’s putting down? Good. I also want you to be excited because I’m excited. Why? The fifth installment in Diary of a Wimpy Kid will be there.

It only charges for $6.99, which isn’t such a big price. I’ll be looking forward to it being from that shelf into my hands, baby. Ohhhh. So smoooth….sooo smooth….sooooooo sm—I’m sorry, am I doing a post?

Anyways, the book fair opens up next Tuesday and Thursday, when the PTC’s (parent-teacher conferences) go on. It’s not here yet, but just to be on the safe side, start bugging your parents for some money NOW!

There are lots more books that will be there, like The Strange Case of Origami Yoda, Framed, It’s Christmas David!, and Buzz Boy and Fly Guy.

It will all be at your Book Fair, or should I say, at your Book Fair it will all be! 😀

Signing out, Sammwak is.