Hey it’s Sam, and I know this game online. It’s really famous, and it’s made by someone as famous. Wanna take a guess? No, it isn’t Fancy Pants. No, it isn’t Salad Fingers. It’s by a writer…it’s POPTROPICA, man!

If you don’t know Poptropica, you’re lost. It is one of the most famous massively-multiplayer online games that roam the Internet. It’s probably better than World of Warcraft. I’ve single-handedly dominated Early Poptropica, and Shark Tooth Island without even the littlest bit of help online or offline. So, just to tell you, I’m pretty good at this game.

If Jeff Kinney (the author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series) wasn’t born, Poptropica wouldn’t have been born, either. Yes that’s right. Our Jeff created this phenomenon.

But anyways, Poptropica is like this online world for Poptropicans of all ages and looks. You get to create your own avatar in Poptropica, and change the hairstyle, skin color, mouth, eyes, etc. When your new avatar’s ready to hit the streets, just jump into a blimp and begin your adventure.

When you’ve picked an island, your blimp will land at that island. Every island is actually able to beat, like I said earlier. You earn 100 credits within every beaten island, which can be spent on things like outfits (hot dog, angel, sky hawk warrior, etc.) or items (pop-gum, silly string, minimizer, etc.). I’ve already wasted my credits on useless junk, no offense. Because wouldn’t an angel rock-star seem awkward?

There are many different islands that await a beating:

Early Poptropica Island – Three of Poptropica’s first settlers’ prized possessions have been thieved. Can you find them and bring smiles back to these settlers’ faces?

Shark Tooth Island – If you’re scared of worms, fake sharks, and REAL sharks, this island is SO not for you! An enraged Booga the Shark stalks the island, and it’s up to you to find the ingredients to the special potion to put a stop to Booga’s beastly bonanza once and for all!

Super Power Island – Don’t just draw goofy comic books about superheroes…BE a superhero! At Super Power Island, some heroes and heroines have turned to the dark side, and it’s up to you (like in every superhero comic) to get these crooks back behind bars and return peace to the island!

Spy Island – Ever seen James Bond? Be an agent as well at Spy Island! Here, the villainous B.A.D. (Bald and Dangerous) team is underway! Can you stop the epidemic of baldness? An extravaganza of biting dogs, prizefighting guards, and invisible suits lay ahead!

24 Carrot Island – Carrots, carrots, carets! 24 Carrot Island is full of them as you try to glue back the pieces of this broken-apart island. What was once a land full of carrots, it even leading to both a carrot factory and a carrot restaurant, has now become a jagged heap of dismay. Since Dr. Hare has torn this island apart, it’s up to you to stop his order of mayhem and return peace to the island before it’s too late!

Reality TV Island – Ever wondered what it would be like to be engulfed in the hands of fame? You can at Reality TV Island! There, a famous reality show airs. It’s the last chance to be on the show yourself! And in the power of an application, a pen, and a stamp, you get the forbidden luck! But is fame really all it’s cracked up to be, with hippies, magicians, Girl Scouts, and cowgirls?

Among many, many more islands!

Get started in the world of Poptropica TODAY!: http://www.poptropica.com/

L8trs, Sam