Hey guys it’s Sam and guess what? I FINALLY have another app review! No, I’m not fibbing. I rly have a fresh, juicy new review ready! It’s for one of my favorite iPhone 4 apps to play…Cut the Rope.

Like Fruit Ninja, it’s a puzzle game. Except there’s no slicing fruit, and there’s no Sensei. You just got a “pet” that we’d call…Om Nom. Now, Om Nom apparently must be fed with candy, and it’s your job to “cut the rope” so the candy can safely enter the monster’s mouth. But it’s not as easy as it seems. More obstacles get in your way level after level, and pretty soon spiders will be getting in your way. Ugh, those spiders…

To get a bonus of points, try aiming for the 3 stars in each level. It’ll give you a big boost in points, and you’ll be able to reflect on it selecting your level, like, “Hey, I got 3 stars in this level.”

Anyways, here’s some things you can do to improve your chance of 3-starring a level:

Think before you cut. The knife is mightier than the rope, but the knife must be wise in cutting the rope. Maybe you could cut 3 ropes, but maybe you’d be likely to cut 2 instead. If the rope overtake the knife, there no be 3 stars, there no be Om Nom nom nom candy, there be sad Om Nom.

If you’re stumped, use a walk-through online. For instance, everyone just goes online to find out how to solve a Rubik’s cube. Maybe someone else knows how to solve a level and get all 3 stars, and you don’t. So what? Don’t get envious. Just be glad they know. End of story.


This game is fun, and it only charges 99 cents. It’s definitely worth the payment and the time.

I’d have to give this game, at least at 8.2. Different thoughts? Check the poll:

L8trs, Sam

Oh, and p.s. If u want, you can comment/email me an app to review, and you could be responsible for the next iNSiDE iPhone! 🙂