Hey guys it’s Sam. Sorry I haven’t been putting up new posts lately, ugh, my computer does not have Internet 😡 So I have to borrow my sister’s MacBook Pro to make this post for you!

As you can see of the title, I’m wishing you all a happy Black Friday here from Sammwak. Even I didn’t know what Black Friday was at first. But Wikipedia had them answers 😀

Turns out Black Friday is the day right after Thanksgiving in which apparently people shop…HARD. The “Black” comes from the period when retailers turn profits, aka “in the black.” :DDDD

Anyways, my sisters (Tumpale and Eneke) already hit Forever 21. Me? What, you think I shop?

But anyways, when this day ends, like, tell me how your Black Friday was! I don’t rly care if u shopped or not. All that matters is that it’s Black Friday. Gots it?

Okay, I gots to go. But happy Black Friday errbody 😀

– Sam