I’m sorry, but, there’s just some epic-er bails. These come from Skate 2, which wasn’t such a good game overall. But these bails make me say “Hallelujah I don’t have to play it no more.” These bails…man, these bails…include a faceside grind, a 2-car hit combo, the beginning 2 which end in the skater literally flying up in the air for no particular reason, and some butt ___. Here’s the video, which comes fromĀ Scotlank:

Anyways, speaking of bails, the montage isn’t over. There’s a Part 2 to it, and it’s madness…no this isn’t Sparta, it’s madness.

But no…there’s a Part 3 to it, and yes, it now is Sparta.

Still not enough bails to resist? There’s a fourth part to it, and it is beyond any Sparta, Leonidas.

Still begging for more? Check out this fifth and final part to it, now including some epic tricks that make you WTFBBQ:

There, now you have more extreme bails! You still have plenty of time to comment/email me some pretty decent bails, and I’ll put them on Sammwak if they’re epic enough!

L8trs, Sam