Okay never mind about the top 10 bails. These bails are much more brutal-er. These come from saintzrow33, so give his skater a thumbs up…if he still has any!

Forget pwning n00bs. This n00b skater (no offense) gets pwned by the open-world through bails that can break tons of bones and should OBVIOUSLY not be tried at home. Dude, you could break a spine. Even if this is for the kids out there, I gotta say this…don’t try skateboarding. I mean, you could, but bailing is just one half. You could get your ribs broken. You could get a extremely bad nosejob like a punch in the nose in boxing. But let’s stick to the point…skating is so dangerous, you could pop a vein through your nose. I’m just sayin’.

Here’s the video:

The song playing during the montage is “I Am Not a Whore” by LMFAO, from the album Party Rock. Here’s the link if you want to download that song for your iTunes, or the whole album, in that matter:


But anyways, still comment/email me some of your most hardcore bails. Because there’s no such thing as a bad bail….okay, maybe there is.

But, anyways, bye. Sam