Hey guys it’s Sam, and there’s a new post, HOORAY! My computer has Internet, and now I can post an epic new post! YAY! Starting today, I’ll put up some “pro tips” for Xbox 360 games that I may own, in or out of Xbox LIVE Arcade. And, yes, today’s pro-tip game is inside XBLA…it’s Monday Night Combat.

I know I’ve talked about it in the past, but I’ve seen that there are some strategies to become a better combatant. So it’s fun to show off fully-upgraded skills, but then you realize you have zero to not enough money to build turrets, and bots will be afoot. So bots will leave behind a few coins, and maybe some juice. Don’t just scramble to collect it, and start shooting bots again. USE YOUR MONEY! Build it on turrets you think will be a big help in the battle, especially in Crossfires or intense Blitzes. You simply can’t have more than $500 not building turrets. Some of you may have your own ways, but I am putting my foot down on it. If you have more than $1000 not building turrets…son, I am disappoint.


If you’re an Assassin (which I greatly disapprove of), grapples are more effective from the back. Surprise your unaware opponents or Black Jacks. It’s at least better killing then being killed.

If you’re a Support (thumbs up, btw), you might think about putting up a Firebase or two. Firebases could work in Crossfires, or Blitzes, even the really light ones like Exhibition and Season. Firebases are planted by pressing Y. It’s as simple as that. Just a peck of the Y button. No holding. Just a peck. Firebases are also taken out by pressing Y. So when you’re directly by a Firebase, think. Will you hack into it so it will have a better range and rate of its fires? Or will you take it out so you will plant it in a safer place that’s not bot-infested? Like in real life, THINK. Because Firebases may just save your life when you’re being pounded to a pulp by a Bouncer.

If you’re an Assault (my guy), you might think about using your grenade launcher mostly, and not just your assault rifle. Especially with Slims. A couple bullets will take out one Slim, but for me, a grenade destroys 2 in a row. Conserve your bullets. Waste your grenades. That’s the Sammwak way.


Hungry for more Pro-Tips? Comment/email me the game you want me to pro-tip, and you could be responsible for the next postful of pro-tips! Don’t know how? Select this post and scroll all the way to the bottom. There should be a Leave a Comment box waiting for you right there.

L8trs, Sam