Hey guys it’s Sam, and I have a confession to make. Yeah, it’s a secret. Not a top-secret secret. A secret. A secret that I don’t really care that’s exposed to the open. But if you tease me it’s the final straw. Here’s the secret…I read The New Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley. What? They’re good books, and usually last 80-something pages. So they’re not too hard to read in a day. I just finished 2 books (The Slam-Dunk Mystery, and The Rock Star’s Secret), and I’m working on The Case of the Wild Wolf Lake or something like that. These two meddling twin sleuths dub themselves “the Trenchcoat Twins”, who solve any crime by dinnertime. How adorable….

These are by a lady named Judy Katschke, and she writes pretty good in here. Also, these don’t have pictures, and some books you may read (especially picture books to the younger ones) may do have pictures. These don’t. Here are some titles I’ve read:

One I especially have longed to read is The Case of the Hollywood Who-Done-It. Just by glimpsing at the covers of some books, I instantly want to read them. That’s what happened with me and this book. I have wanted to read it since I first got introduced to it, let alone The New Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley alone. These are good books, and there is at least half a shelf full of these books at the Portage District Library, or maybe even more. They’re in the back of the Juvenile Room (no, not prison), at the Paperback Collection (along with titles like Chillers and Goosebumps), because the first two words of “Katschke” are KA, and the K-Z’s, about, get in the Paperback Collection. My thoughtful estimate. So today, maybe tomorrow, get to the Portage District Library and check out at least one of these books. Well, you don’t have to, like it’s a requirement that you mustn’t neglect. Boys can dwell off, while excited girls with flee to the PDL. But if you’re a girly dude…

There’s literally magic in every page that hooks me in like Scorpion’s spear…GET OVER HERE!

So, GET OVER to the PDL and get a Mary Kate & Ashley book.

– Sam