Hey guys it’s Sam and I have a new Game n Vote for you! The game is Pile of Balls, and it’s almost like Tetris, except this game has balls. It’s literally a mixture of Bouncing Balls and Tetris. You must make 4 balls meet and they disappear and give you 100 points. The bigger the combo, the more hundreds of points you rack up. I found this at Sheppard Software, which my whole class visited in the computer lab. Also, along the way, more and more colored balls are introduced, including the colors gold and teal. I lasted for at least 4 rounds when my balls began piling up. I ended the game with something around 21,300 points. Can you beat that?

Find out here: http://sheppardsoftware.com/braingames/pileofballs/pileofballs.htm

And don’t even think about coming back till you finish your game!


So you finished your game. How much points did you get?

Oh, and how long did you last, huh?

Oh, I almost forgot this one as well…

Check back for more Game n Vote, and comment/email me games you like and want me to Game n Vote, and you could be responsible for the next one!

L8trs, Sam

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