Hey, guys it’s Sam and you really need to check out this meme. It’s an Internet phenomena, as we should call it, and it’s gotten as funnier and funnier each image. The meme’s called, respectively, “You’re/Ur Doin It Wrong”. It’s basically an image with a wacky person/animal(s) with the thing they are trying to imitate (i.e. Portal) with “ur doin it wrong” at the bottom. If you’re confused, here are some examples:

But also, there are some images that actually belong to the “Ur Doin it Right” family:

See what I mean? If you’re ROFLing for more, search up ‘ur doin it wrong’ on Google Images. Because there are more than over a hundred funny images waiting for you to view. Check them out while you can!

L8trs, Sam

p.s. Check out Cheezburger.com for more funny l0ls beside “Ur Doin It Wrong” images. I can’t link you up, because there’s this system that we have on both our computers called K9 Web Protection. It’s blocking me basically from Cheezburger alone, and some other things. It’s starting to tick me and my sister off.

Here’s a fake link I made remembering the URL: http://www.cheezburger.com/

Hopefully it’ll work.