Hey guys it’s Sam and remember Monday Night Combat? And remember Spunky Cola? Remember, energy. Loaded.

Well, guess what? MNC finally got some DLC (down-loadable content) for their game…THE SPUNKY COLA DLC!

That’s right. Featuring new arenas, new modes, and a special balanced tweak to increase the fun, the new Spunky Cola DLC is here! It actually released today, December 1, and it’s pretty downright fun. Here are some new features the regular game wouldn’t have, but the Spunky Cola DLC does:

The new Spunky Cola Crossfire arena! Made for the Synthetic Sugar Accord, it puts players into the action quicker for more explosions, more shooting and more epic!

The new Survivitol Blitz Arena!: Thanks to Grandma Betty’s (the old-fashioned way to aim), the new Survivitol arena is a new feature within the Spunky Cola DLC. Small and deadly with 2 tiers of bot spawners keep pros on their feet! And remember, whatever happens you have got Survivitol and they do not…SURVIVITOL!

The new Super Sudden Death Blitz!: Only in the Survivitol Arena will you fight to defend your Moneyball in the epic, intense, deadly, and frantic…SUPER SUDDEN DEATH BLITZ!!!

Added in new options for private games:

  • Set game duration
  • Set overtime duration, including 0 time for no overtime
  • Toggle buying bots
  • Toggle buying Juice
  • Toggle Bullseye spawning
  • Toggle using Hazards (Annihilator / Ejectors)
  • Choose specific or random map
  • Hazards on / off
  • Force random classes
  • Toggle use of custom classes
  • Toggle class changing
  • Class limits on all classes

Also, a new pit girl is featured for the Icemen, along with updated level intros and outros.

All Star Mode
  • Added a feature that allows players to go beyond level 99 by going back to level 0 and getting a new “All Star” icon next to their name.


  • Added in 12 new highlights with associated ProTags.

Career Milestones

  • Added career milestones and ProTags for bacon pickups.
  • Added career milestones and ProTags for killing each type of class.

And one of my favorite features…CHURROS!!!!!!

That’s right fans. Your favorite fried-dough pastry snack is now a new feature in the Spunky Cola DLC. Churros instantly boost skill regen and health once picked up. I myself have picked up a churro as a Tank.

Also, there’s a new 4-player Club Tag that you can append to your name. Also, some South Paw and South Paw Tactical control schemes have been added. There’s also multiplayer ready functionality so a game can start before the timer runs out if most players press X in the lobby and set themselves as ready. Also, several new loading movies appear, such as a Support riding a Bouncer, both the Hotshot and Icemen pit-girls high-fiving and chest bumping each other, and the Icemen pit-girl trying to free a poor Tank, who has his tongue stuck on a Shaveice.

Ha! Gets me every time. If you just saw this picture, comment/email me ‘I just saw the aftermath of a Tank kissing a Shaveice.’ Silly Tank. Shaveices are for slowing down, not for kissing. Maybe you’re mistaking that turret for someone else…

Anyways, that’s about all I can blog about the DLC before my fingers get sore and I have to drench them in ice-cold water. How do you stop that? Subscribe or like my posts. It’s a donation to the Sam Mwakasisi Getting-Sore-Hands-and-Drenching-Them-in-Ice-Cold-Water Fund. Together, you can help stop my fingers from getting sore.

L8trs, Sam