Who does, really? Hey guys it’s Sam and remember all my 360 achievements? Well guess what? These are all ACHIEVEMENTS! Do a certain thing on Sammwak and you get an achievement worth a couple of ‘Blogger Points’. Let’s get to it without further ado!

The achievements are….

A Liker, Not a Hater – Don’t be a hater. Click the like button for all posts. Yes, all of them. (20 BP)

Ultimate Commenter – You a true Sammwak fan? Fine. Comment on all of my posts, let’s see how you do! (20 BP)

Ala-poll-ooza – This isn’t a pundit, kid. Vote for all the polls I’ve had in a couple of my posts. You game? (25 BP)

True Trenchcoat -Advice wears off when followed.  Go to the PDL and check out one or more Mary-Kate & Ashley books. The truth is out there! (15 BP)

Epic Gamer – Game ‘n’ Vote games aren’t only played by me, and if I were to see you play one game, I’d want to see you play them all… (15 BP)

Videohead – You seen my videos in some of my posts? See them all, and I’ll give you a treat… (10 BP)

App-apalooza – You got an iPhone, iTouch or iPad? Good. Play all the apps in my iNSiDE iPhone posts, and I’ll give you something epic. (15 BP)

True Poptropican – Do you play Poptropica? Well done. You’ve passed part one of my test. Now, you must beat one or more islands on the game…WITHOUT the help. (20 BP)

Musical Shower – I’ve talked about some bands on my blog. And if you can listen to one or more songs by one band, listen to one or more songs by ALL bands. (20 BP)

One By One – Have you seen our channel, OneByOneTV? See all our videos and you get a prize. (25 BP)

Big Bucks for Big Gaming – You seen the couple of games I’ve reviewed? Play them all, and it could be enough to get you this here achievement… (15 BP)

Overachiever – The only key to this achievement is unlocking all the others… (50 BP)

If you get all these achievements, congrats! You just got yourself 250 Blogger Points! More achievements like these will lurk in some future posts, so keep an eye or two peeled for those BPs!

L8trs, Sam