Hey guys it’s Sam and I need your help. Christmas is 20 days away, and I’m working on my wishlist. After playing the trial this morning, I may start believing that Plants vs. Zombies is getting pretty cool. I even now know a strategy to get sun quicker to plant plants quicker. So basically these are a handful of Pro-Tips.

Fed up with zombies eating your brains? Here’s a tip that could just save your life. Always–and I mean, ALWAYS (like, write this down, bud)–have at least 3 Sunflowers on your lawn. Sunflowers give you sun without all the stress, and quicker too. How I do it? 3 rows of 6 Sunflowers, 2 Sunflowers a row (3 times 2 = 6). But when zombies start barging in, don’t be planting more Sunflowers. Plant a Peashooter–BUT (this is extremely important, you better have your writing utensil ready)–in the zombie’s lane. A Peashooter is worthless when it’s not aimed directly at the zombie. Oh, and don’t plant it in the back. Plant it 2 moves away (space for Sunflowers, kid!) to the right on either the D-pad or joystick. So your Sunflowers can still be giving you sun for more plants, but your Peashooters can still be holding off the amount of zombies on your lawn. Pretty soon, you’ll be getting new plants, such as Walnuts (the defenders for your plants) and Cherry-bombs (the plants that blow up all the zombies on the lawn as soon as they’re planted).

Now, you can mess with those tips I just gave you. But I need you to do another task for me. I need you to vote whether I should put this game on my Christmas wishlist or not. Because it’s a console game, and it’s also an XBLA game that charges 1200 Microsoft Points. Help guys, because fans’ opinion is the best opinion of them all. (For me.) Here’s the poll that you must decide in. Take your time to think it through. Once you vote there’s no turning back…

Here’s a gift for all your trouble: http://www.popcap.com/games/free/pvz

At the crack of the week of Christmas, I’ll check back and see what you have to say, and I’ll decide whether it’s worth putting on or not!

L8trs, Sam