Hey guys, it’s me Sam! And today I’m starting a new category that I’d like to call “Make a Story About…”. It’s one of those make-your-own type of things to do, and I’m letting you create a story about….ZOMBIES!!! The bloodthirsty, deceased corpses of humanity that hunger for some pretty decent flesh and brain cells!

Why did I choose zombies? I know over a thousand things that contain zombies:

Shaun of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead

Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead 2

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

Okay maybe I don’t know over a thousand, but your ordinary zombie story must have a virus of some sort, i.e. the “Green Flu” of the Left 4 Dead series. And it must have at least one survivor that’s fighting their way through hordes and hordes of infected zombies. They must have some decent artillery, like 44’s or machine guns, even. They have to have a couple med packs to heal themselves so they won’t get the virus themselves. Wait…WH-WHY AM I GIVING YOU TIPS?!?! I practically gave you a new story! Don’t copy this one please, or else you’ll be disqualified from the contest.

“CONTEST? WHAT CONTEST?” you absentmindedly ask.

“The Make-a-Story contest,” I calmly answer. “It’s the contest that I hold in every Make-a-Story post from now on. All the viewers will make a story on my topic as long as they feel like it. If they want to bail out, it’s cool with me. It’s got to have some epic details to make the cut in the 3rd, 2nd, or even 1st places. If they do, they’ll win a prize and an email congratulating them. They’ll have a week to make the story, which is plenty of time on my watch. If they need an extra week, comment/email me so you can bail out. These posts will come up on Thursdays, but not every Thursday. Sometimes my laziness needs to kick in. I’ll tell everyone to send in some juicy stories on Wednesdays, so they’ll be ready for the final decision the next day.”

“Ohhhhh….” you satisfyingly remark after being told all this information. “What’s a story?”

I facepalm.

Anyways, here’s an example with a young, unaware teenage girl and a zombie girl:

The teenage girl was lost. With no way out. Scared, terrified, alone, she wandered past gravestones, shaking in fear that she would never make it out. Luckily, a girl with long black hair skipped out of the darkness and into her direction. Her skin was as pale-white as the fearful teenage girl. Her eyes twinkled as she gave a grin.

“Could you walk me through the cemetery?” the teenage girl asked. “I think I’m lost.”

“I feel your pain.” the girl grinned. “You know, I used to be in your exact footsteps when I was alive.”


That, my friend, is the start of a #1 zombie story.  Speaking of which, you probably can make a story that good. Because my story was just the beginning. And no, you mustn’t copy it, or else I’ll kick you out of the competition. You won’t get the prize. The good, good prize. And the e-mail. The good, good e-mail. And you can’t have anything close to it; that will also ban you from the competition. I smell a copier even from here.

And that is the post. Send in some juicy zombie stories for me on Wednesday. Or the one after that. Or the one after that. Or the one after that…

L8trs, Sam

p.s. Yes, there are honorable mentions. 😀