Hey guys it’s Sam, and I apologize for not having too many Game n Votes lately. But luckily, I have not one, not two, not three, not four, but five new posts coming up this week! So keep your eyes peeled for more gaming, and more voting! Monday’s post is a new game that my friends introduced me to just yesterday. It’s on Miniclip, and honestly, it’s the most fun game I’ve played on Miniclip. It’s called….Gravity Guy.

What this game’s about (and what makes it fun) is that in a world where gravity laws are broken, you are this “guy” who defies the rules, and gets held captive for doing so. Unhappy, you make an escapade being the first to flee flipping gravity at will. You apparently can’t stop running. Obstacles will be in your way over the course. What to do? Flip gravity, of course! By yourself, you press the space bar or left-click the mouse to flip gravity. With a friend or three, you have to press a certain key: X, P, M, or Q. Speaking of a friend or three, this game has multiplayer features with up to four players. So if you’re feeling lonely flipping gravity, flip it with friends! This game has beautiful graphics that please the eye as much as that apple from the Tree of Knowledge and Good and Evil. And it has unique features, too. And it SAVES! Especially that it saves. So if you’re playing by yourself and have to go eat lunch, you can hop right back onto the computer, load it up, and it’ll be right there with your progress!

Oh, and if the computer isn’t enough, you can still flip some gravity on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and even iPad for the simple price of $0.99! Or you can just get it for free! And if you have an iPad, you can get the HD version for $1.99! Or you can just get the free HD version! BONUS!

So check out this game, and don’t come back until…well, you feel like it.



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Again, keep your eyes peeled for more gaming, more voting, and more Game n Vote posts all week long!

L8trs, Sam