Hey guys it’s Sam and you remember yesterday’s post, you know, Flakboy? Well, I said they made a sequel for it. And today’s just the day to review it. Fans, say “aloha” to Flakboy 2.

Flakboy’s back for another brutal beating; time to pull out the arsenal and show him what you’ve GOT! Now, this game is basically just like its predecessor (aka Flakboy, for all you people who don’t speak big smart talk), even with the same arsenal, bombs, guns, spikes, trampolines, it’s all back. But you just see the visuals differently. A different engine runs different visuals for a different game. They are like snowflakes. No two snowflakes are alike. They have different visuals. But I’m gonna stop talking like I’m Einstein and return to this game.

If you’ve got a dose of Flakboy, you’ll love Flakboy 2. Here’s the link. Knock yourself out. (Well, really, you’re knocking Flakboy out, but that’s what everyone says nowadays.)



So you’re back after yet ANOTHER long day of arsenal. Here’s a poll for all your trouble:

And sorry to bust your water bottle, but Flakboy 2 is NOT an app. Shouldn’t one be good enough?

L8trs, Sam