Hey guys, it’s Sam, and this is the fourth Game n Vote post! You should definitely know this game by now. If you don’t, then I am very shocked. Let’s just say it involves grenades…

That’s right, my fine friendly fans. It is the best-selling shoot-em-up game, Fragger. Now, in Fragger, you basically are this guy who has am amount of grenades. Your job is to bomb some pretty creepy figures with your grenades before they run out. The less grenades it takes you, the more points you get via “grenade bonus”. You can control the range of the grenade. Will it fire up in the sky like a flare gun and land next to a figure? Also, you don’t want grenades to go out of bounds. If you run out of them, the level instantly restarts. Speaking of restarts, you can retry by hitting R if you get stumped. This is another recent Miniclip game I’ve played, and it can be found elsewhere such as Armor Games or Kongregate. So, check out this game at Miniclip:


As an extra bonus, you can also check out the sequels, Fragger: Bonus and Fragger: Lost City. And, yes, this IS an app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad for only $0.99! Fragger himself also wishes you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…so do I!

L8trs, Sam

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