Hey guys it’s Sam, and there’s a not-too-recent-but-still-new TV show that debuted on Disney Channel in September, called Fish Hooks. It’s about 3 fish friends, Milo Fishtooth, the betta fish, Oscar Fishtooth, the catfish, and Bea Goldfishberg, the goldfish, of course. This show is being renewed for a second season, and from my point of view, it’s actually pretty funny. They attend Freshwater High, the true school of fish. They have a football team, the Fish Hooks, with Jocktopus, the giant octopus with Pass, Punt, and Fumble as teammates. Here is a shot of this trio, from left to right, Milo, Oscar, Bea:

Milo, the excitable fighter fish, is voiced by Kyle Massey, also known for being Cory Baxter in Disney Channel’s former hit TV show, That’s So Raven. Bea’s voice comes from Chelsea Staub, now known for playing Stella on Jonas L.A. Oscar is voiced by Justin Roiland. Even if this show has been alive for 3 months now, it still truly shines. Here are some episodes:

Underwater Boy – Milo is outraged when he becomes the Fish Hooks’ water-boy. But later on, he realizes how important his job is.

Doris Flores Gorgeous – When Bea constantly rain checks Oscar to go out with various boyfriends all week long, a fed-up Oscar decides to create a fake “girlfriend” of his own: Doris Flores Gorgeous. But how can you get to know a girlfriend that doesn’t exist?

Queen Bea – When the school homecoming dance is coming up, Bea realizes she has her heart set on becoming homecoming queen. So she creates a fake dance with her parents…at a retirement home. But multitasking between one dance and the other really isn’t as easy as expected..

It was announced in early December that this show was renewed for a second season. This show even could perform from 2011 to 2012! Check out Fish Hooks on Disney Channel!

L8trs, Sam