Hey guys, it’s Sam with the fifth and final Game n Vote of the week! If you don’t know what “penultimate” means, it means “next to last.” And surely, this is the next post to the final one of the week, aka the Friday finale! Now, since the end is near, I’ve decided to hit Miniclip and come back with another groundbreaking game…Skywire 2.

Now, as illustrated, you simply see a cable car trying to dodge half-metallic pandas on parachutes. This game is about a cable car, which you control. You glide on a wire, but don’t get caught in obstacles! You’ll lose a passenger. And when all the passengers are lost, it’s game over and retry. But obstacles get more serious. Soon enough is when you’ll be face-to-face with all-metallic monkeys, half-metallic pandas, and it’s only the beginning when your car faces the beasts of the deep sea! Think you can make it out with a passenger or two…and your cable car? Try yourself, and try out the game at Miniclip.com. Trust me. It’s harder than you think….


This game is powered by Nitrome, the loud-and-proud company from London also responsible for contributing in Miniclip games like Skywire 2‘s predecessor, Skywire, and the destruction puzzle game, Rubble Trouble.

Take some time to give Nitrome a big hand!


So you’re back after all that craziness. Now it’s time to vote:

Our great week of Game n Vote has come to an end. But be on the lookout for more posts soon!