Hey guys it’s Sam and I’m a fan of Cheezburger.com. And one of the sites on there is My Food Looks Funny. It’s a site where food looks oddly humorous, such as a Darth-Vader cake or a lemon designed to look like Stewie Griffin. I was on that site and I found this odd diagram of dismembered body parts of Yoshi, and what you could make out of them. For instance, the tongue could be a steaming bowl of tongue stew, the head storing delicious sweetbreads, and the legs providing great drumsticks and thighs for lunch! In fact, there are more butcher diagrams, one even with Bowser in it. These, as I found out, were “8-bit butcher diagrams.” These works of art are designed by Jude Buffum from Philadelphia who offers them for not too cheap of prices.  You could buy them at his shop, but the cheapest I’ve seen was $40, and you’ll have to invest swell to buy Bowser’s diagram. That thing costs $135, no lie. Here are some examples of Yoshi, Chocobo, and Bowser:

As you see here, Yoshi is nicely chopped into 5 segments: the head, the arms, the legs, the breasts, and, obviously, the tail. The head provides a serving of sweetbreads, the tongue a steaming bowl of delicious tongue stew, the leg the provider of a drumstick and thigh, the breasts delicious breast fillets, and the eggs sunny side up, and lava-boiled.

As you see here, Chocobo has been dismembered into 5 segments: the head, the breasts, the arms, the legs, and the tail. The head provides a serving of nuggets, the leg provides a drumstick and thigh, the arms providing drummettes and revenant wings, and the breasts mouthwatering breast fillets. Chocobo could just make your lunch, and the leftovers could be a meaty dinner.

Koopa here is an avalanche of meat. From the breastplate to the rump, all meat. You could even have a bowl of refreshing Koopa soup. Koopa is definitely a true Thanksgiving dinner with the turkey multiplied by millions. Too meaty for lunch, impossible for breakfast, this beast has leftovers for the week.

Check out Jude’s shop if you’re interested in purchase (http://www.getaddictedto.com/yoshi-chocobo-koopa-diagrams/), but more likely, check out Sammwak!

L8trs, Sam