Hey guys it’s Sam and I’m wishing you a happy New Year here from Sammwak! As you know, lots of people are abuzz about the ending of 2010 and the beginning of 2011! I’ll kind of look back on 2010. That year shone. It truly shone. But there’s a very special day for this blog in 2011…its first anniversary! Only the biggest brains would remember this, but my first-ever post (in fact, my first handful of posts) was released April 11, 2010! So the anniversary will take place April 11, 2011! My birthstone is an amethyst, since I was born in February. But my BLOG’S birthstone is apparently a diamond. LUCKY!!! 😡 But my blog is like a child to me. It must be treated as such. I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t turn my back to Sammwak. Hey, that rhymes! I bet you can’t turn your back on anything. Except for what you dislike. But Sammwak wishes you a Happy New Year, and so do I. I care for you. I can’t turn you down. I can’t stop thinking about my viewers. And now, as my post is almost at 2,500 hits or such, I really want to thank you for the appreciation you’ve given me for almost half this year. Without you, Sammwak would’ve never been created in the first place. And before this turns into a mind-numbing emotional speech that could take you a day to finish (or, the MNESTCTYADTF as an acronym), I shall close this post.

Happy new year,