Hey guys it’s Sam and since it’s the new year of 2011, it’s time to reflect on the unforgettable games 2010 had to offer. Some were nail-biting thrillers like Alan Wake, others were baths of bullets like Battlefield: Bad Company 2. This one goes off to the outstanding motion-control Wii console. Especially for those who don’t know WHAT to pick for their Wii for the new year. Here are the top Wii games of 2010 that could just be a helper.

5. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

That'll hurt tomorrow morning.

In this groundbreaking crossover, players compete in one-and-one battles to give their opponents the beautiful K.O. they’ve dreamed of. They also have lifebars like the old but still at large Mortal Kombat series, but there’s no kill. This game depicts a 2.5D environment. Players brawl in 2D arenas, but the models themselves are modeled in a 3-dimensional style. A perfect twist on your usual Capcom crossover. I haven’t the foggiest idea why this game was LIKED, but I haven’t played a Capcom crossover. NONE. Ultimate All-Stars met with respective critical acclaim, and it seems like this game might be worth the owning. You can hitch the pre-owned version at GameStop for $24.99 if you’re interested.

4. Kirby’s Epic Yarn

So cute!

In this charming tenth platform installation in the Kirby series, our charming hero gets sucked into Patch Land after eating a “Metamato”, where everything is made of yarn…even himself. You crank the Wii remote sideways to engage in this breathtaking adventure as you can turn Kirby into a tank, a submarine, and practically anything else that is mobile in this cute-as-a-button Wii game. The reception for this game is better than any other, so maybe you might wanna hitch it at GameStop for $49.99, or if you’re a swell investor, you can hit the pre-owned version for $39.99.

3. Donkey Kong Country Returns

Whoever stole his bananas...

What to get if you combine a game with 2D gameplay and a chunk of 3D graphics? Donkey Kong Country Returns. In this groundbreaking adventure from Nintendo once again, it brings its good old pal from the 90s, Donkey Kong Country, to life collecting bananas, and the precious golden ‘KONG’ words. According to X-Play, it was something and the 2-player co-op that brought it down. Whatsoever, the game met with positive reception from critics, so maybe hitching this game for $49.99, or the pre-owned version for $39.99, could just be your matchmaker.

2. Disney Epic Mickey

Wasteland. Ain't it a doll?...

In this platforming action-adventure from Disney Interactive Studios, Mickey Mouse is back with a magical paintbrush that can be used to paint OR thin. Mickey is in the not-too-good land of Wasteland, the land of all forgotten and neglected Disney characters from maybe decades ago, like Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. After it garnered a perfect 5 stars out of 5 from X-Play, I’m starting to get closer looks for this game. This used 2D side-scrolling, and some say the camera got a bit uncooperative, like in Mini Ninjas. But, that looked like the only con for Epic Mickey as it garnered mixed to positive reviews, respectively. It’s waiting at GameStop for only $49.99, or the pre-owned version for $39.99. Come on, you know you want to buy it…


***(pause for effect)***

Naw, I’m just pulling your leg. The REAL winner is…

1. Super Mario Galaxy 2

I told you not to drink too much water, Yoshi!

In this great Super Mario Galaxy sequel, you must collect Power Stars, which are earned for accomplishing tasks and challenges that lead to later challenges, all around 3D planets that the game throws at you. It has groundbreaking effects that make Mario fans stand up and root for its Italian hero. The music is beautiful, the visuals are just are good…there’s respectively no con for Super Mario Galaxy 2 as it garners universal acclaim…even the critics just can’t resist the irresistible Mario and his brother, Luigi. It’s waiting at GameStop for $49.99, or the pre-owned version for $39.99.

I also acknowledge some of the approval of this game selection to Henry Udongo, one of my closest friends. He helped me decide Donkey Kong Country Returns‘s place on the list, and a small early chunk of Epic Mickey. Can YOU find it?

These are the (in my opinion) best Wii games 2010 had to offer, with Super Mario Galaxy 2 leading the five like a conga. This has been Sammwak, and stay tuned for my Top Xbox 360 Games of 2010! Later!

Yours truly,

Sam Mwakasisi

p.s. Henry made me write that 😀