Hold on to your hats! Hurry to the storm shelter! Find something munchable and flip on the TV to be BLOWN AWAY by the upcoming Suite Life On Deck nail-biting episode so big, it’ll take three episodes to fit it all in! The third season is coming to an end, and sadly, so is SLOD. So in the meantime, Disney has cooked up another knee-slapping SLOD special, and this time, it’s personal. Bailey’s grandma is turning ninety, and London offers to get Bailey to home-sweet-home Kettlecorn, Kansas to celebrate. But they are forced to drive when their blimp malfunctions. Back at the ship, Cody is unsure of Bailey’s absence until he finds out. He decides to hit Kansas to win her affections back. But when Moseby’s brother turns out to be Dwight Howard when Zack and Woody challenge him to a basketball game, they might be licked into the ground! Too crazy to resist? Watch part one of the nail-biting trilogy, “Twister: Part 1” this upcoming Friday, and stay tuned for part two, and the epic finale, part three! This has been Sammwak, stay tuned for more epic awesomeness to make your day!

L8trs, Sam