Hey all, it is Sam. And I finally have another game review for all! Sorry it’s been weeks (yeah, you heard me, WEEKS) since I ever released a review. I am just lazy…TOO lazy. But now, I’m actually NOT procrastinating and doing what I love best…or something. If you’ve read any of the six slam-bang Scott Pilgrim books by the epic Bryan Lee O’Malley (perfect homages of video gaming, some have said), you’ll root for this slam-bang brawler classic. If you’re a fan of fighting games, you’ll love…

None other than Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game. This is a great stage of evolution from the graphic novels, and a great tie-in to the 2010 comedy of the same name, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Access to the website starts here: http://www.scottpilgrimthemovie.com/

In this slam-bang beat-em-up, you travel from world to world in hopes of defeating Ramona Flower’s seven evil ex-boyfriends, who have come out to vanquish Scott. You can play with a maximum of three more friends as Scott Pilgrim, Knives Chau (a downloadable), Ramona Flowers, or Stephen Stills. Also, as an additional matter, you can play as the unlockable Nega-Scott, Scott’s alter-ego dark side. Characters have their own movesets, which can be lengthened by gaining enough experience, and are also able to use weapons. Each player has Heart Points and Guts Points, that of which can revive players if they are K.O.’ed, or be used to perform special moves such as summoning Knives. Players can also enter Subspace areas which act as bonus areas where extra coins can be earned. During cooperative play, players can revive fallen companions, give each other health or money and simultaneously taunt for a combined attack. Various cheat codes unlock extra features, such as a Boss Rush and a Survival Horror mode.

Just letting you know, these are how many butts Scott kicked....and CAN kick.

And get this. Defeating enemies lead to earning coins, which can be spent at A SHOP to replenish your health. I’m not lying. If I were lying, this wouldn’t have been featured. This is all 100% true. And if you’re a Debby Downer and STILL don’t believe me, here’s proof of Scott ordering…

I want a Rainbow Maki, and make it snappy!

Now, do you believe me?

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game has already gotten a jump-start onto XBLA for just 800 Microsoft Points, which is the cheapest XBLA game I’ve seen, respectively. If you want, you can get the game for this little price on such short notice and have a good time kicking love where it hurts!

L8trs, Sam