Hey guys it’s Sam and I’ve heard of a new movie coming up in 2011. 2011 in film is going to be MAD…too mad. But one of them is a movie that combines live-action and computer-animation (kind of like Yogi Bear). But this one cuts the bear and adds the bunny. What is it? Well, it’s time to HOP.


What this movie is about is that…well, everyone LOVES Easter. They just, well, LOVE IT! Slacker Fred O’Hare is out of work, when he runs over the Easter Bunny when he’s driving home! NO!!! Well, yes. That poor Bunny can’t hop on a broken leg, and Fred must take in his fine furry friend as he recovers. But the Easter Bunny is just hands down the worst house-guest for poor Mr. O’Hare. Eventually, both learn what it requires to grow up and get a life, and Fred forcibly partners up with his bunny buddy to save Easter.

Hop will be directed by Tim Hill, director of Alvin and the Chipmunks, and the studio is Illumination Entertainment (the studio used for Despicable Me). Enchanted‘s James Marsden plays Mr. Fred O’Hare, Kaley Cuoco plays his sister, Elizabeth Perkins as Fred’s female counterpart, Chelsea Handler as Mrs. Beck, and, finally, Get Him to the Greek‘s Russell Brand as our lovable Easter Bunny.

The trailer released in late November 2010, featuring a pretty cool bunny playing the drum intro for “Song 2” by Blur, but the identification as the Easter Bunny is unknown.

This movie is scheduled to release at the very first of April 2011. So until then, keep your eyes peeled for something like an official trailer of more info about Hop! Hungry for more CANDY? Visit the site of Hop at iwantcandy.com. You’ll get the teaser trailer there, downloads (like wallpapers and buddy icons) there, and plentiful more there! Because candy is just irresistible.

This has been Sammwak and another gracious post, and keep your eyes peeled for more epic posts soon! How about THEM chocolate bunnies?

L8trs, Sam